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Our Story

Your pet is important to you.  That’s why, when it comes to your pet’s health and wellness, you put your trust only in a board-certified veterinarian.

But do you have that same level of trust for the supplements used to support your pet’s wellness, improve their mobility, ease their discomfort or help them cope with stress?

Okoa Pet is the name you can trust for your pet’s natural health and wellness needs, throughout your pet’s life. Formulated by distinguished veterinarian with all-natural ingredients, we pair our proprietary hemp-based CBD blend with other proven and active ingredients.  Okoa Pet products are designed to maximize the natural benefits of the hemp plant while ensuring consistency, quality, and, ultimately, your pet’s safety.  Okoa Pet products offer a natural, clean supplement that can be used to support a number of health concerns.

Who is Okoa Pet?

Let’s start with what we’re not. We’re not just a collection of chemists, research scientists, and nutritionists who saw pet health as a great business opportunity. Nor are we just some family of pet lovers who decided to turn our passion into a career.  Okoa is what happens at the intersection of science and love. We’re experienced professionals, scientists and veterinarians who love animals and want what’s best for our pets and for yours. We know from our own pets the difficulties associated with their getting older: joint stiffness and pain, weight gain, and reduced mobility.  We also know how any pet can experience stress at any age and from any number of sources, including separation, strangers, and even the weather.  We want our own pets and every pet we support with our natural, hemp CBD-based supplements to be happy for their entire lives. Our mission, pure and simple, is happy, healthy pets.

What does "Okoa" mean?

Okoa comes from the Hawaiian word ‘Oko’a, which has several meanings that describe our company and the products we offer:


There’s nothing hidden in our products. They're all natural, without the chemicals and the kind of additives that can cause serious side effects. Okoa products are clean, safe, and effective – everything that you want in a pet supplement.


We're that, too – a company built from equal parts veterinary science and our unabashed love of animals.  It’s not enough that a supplement works; it also needs to be safe enough for us to administer to our own pets. You won’t find any one-size-fits-all approach at Okoa. When a supplement is shown to be effective, we use veterinary science to ensure a customized formulation of our broad-spectrum hemp CBD blend, paired with other evidence-based natural ingredients.


Our supplements are holistic in the best sense of that word. Would you be okay with a specialist who recommended a product for your arthritis without thinking also about side effects that affect your heart, your lungs, your nerves, your mood, your attention span, etc., etc.?  Okoa Pet products are designed to support specific conditions but with your whole pet in mind.

Save or Rescue

Okoa is also the Swahili word for “save” or “rescue.” Perhaps this summarizes as well as anything our hopes and expectations for Okoa pet products. We want to help save your aging pet from the pain of degenerating joints, the loss of mobility, weight gain, and the stress and discomfort that often accompany these.  We want to rescue your dog or cat from that physical and emotional pain and help make your pet’s life one of good health and happiness.