"Happy Go Puppy" Mobility Soft Chews - Okoa Pet
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  • Is your pup getting on in years?
  • Less playful due to pain from a lingering injury?
  • Starting to slow down?

"Happy Go Puppy"
Mobility Soft Chews
with Green-Lipped Mussel
and Wild New Zealand Roe Oil

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Put back the pep
in your pup's step

Okoa Pet’s “Happy-Go-Puppy” Mobility Soft Chews is a uniquely effective, all-natural supplement infused with hemp, and other proven ingredients to help relieve stiffness, promote healthy joints and restore youthful mobility!


From the pristine waters of New Zealand, green-lipped mussel & wild New Zealand roe oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and other powerful marine lipids that help keep joint surfaces slippery and friction free.

Dr Rob
Doctor Rob —

When you blend Okoa’s broad-spectrum hemp with green-lipped mussel and wild New Zealand roe oil, you get a product that is highly effective at helping pets lead active, happy, and healthy lives

Doctor Rob

Made with real science and pure love by a distinguished holistic veterinarian to help keep pups moving with comfort and ease.

Casey Testimonial:

Casey is ten years old and plays with all the “get up and go” of a puppy, thanks to “Happy-Go-Puppy” chews! Seeing him chase a ball or a frisbee and enjoying life as a senior pup warms my heart!