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“Hush, Puppy” CBD Calming Chews can mean
a less stressful, more relaxed household.

(Dogs seem to like them, too.)

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Some reasons why1. . .

  • - Less barking.
  • - Less destructive behavior when left alone.
  • - Less hyperactivity.
  • - Less skin licking and scratching.
  • - Less fear of loud noises.

Exciting Findings. . .
from an observational study

designed by Dr. Rob Silver, DVM MS,
a cannabinoid expert and pioneer in holistic veterinary medicine.

The facts:

  • 98 dogs taking “Hush, Puppy” Calming Chews for two weeks.
  • 98 pet parents completing a survey of what they observed before and after “Hush, Puppy” Calming Chews.
  • 17 (of 20) anxiety-related dog behaviors2 significantly reduced.
  • 19 (of 20) behaviors improved, including a meaningful improvement in playfulness, calmness and nighttime sleeping behavior.

The personal observations3:

The ‘Hush, Puppy’ calming chews are amazing! My dog went from an anxious, reactive dog, to more relaxed and not reactive to ordinary noises and objects that normally scare her! I can tell these have helped her mellow out and allow herself to relax and be happy!

- Taylor

Overall I really did see a difference in my dog's behavior. His main issue is excessive barking at noises he hears in the halls of the apartment building and he absolutely was calmer/less bothered by these noises.

- Quinn

1. As reported by pet parents after just two weeks of administering “Hush, Puppy” CBD Calming Chews

2. Including, among others, anxiety-related behaviors associated with separation, loud noises, doorbells, thunder, strangers, car rides, and other dogs. Pet parents also reported a meaningful improvement in their pup’s playfulness, calmness, and nighttime sleeping behavior.

3. From some of the 98 pet parents who participated in the study and completed surveys.

Interested in some happy-pup/happy-home magic?

Download Your Copy of Dr. Rob's White Paper Examining the Relationship Among CBD, Nutraceuticals, and Dog Behavior.

and learn:

  • What dog behaviors were examined?
  • What are the active ingredients in each “Hush, Puppy” Calming Chew?
  • Which behaviors were improved?
  • How significant was the observed improvement?

What's in the "Hush, Puppy" Chews

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My pup was calmer and less prone to outbursts (anxiety or stress driven). The few times someone came to the door she was much more willing to sit patiently and wait with maybe just 1-2 barks to alert us. She was...


These chews reduced the stress of his most recent nail trim.


Overall, this product has been the most effective CBD product I’ve given my dog. I love how easy the chews are for delivery.