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Welcome to The Boop

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog

A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you to show your pets how much you love them – by acquiring authoritative, up-to-date information to ensure they’re getting everything they need for healthy, happy lives.

The Boop logo Adorable puppy booping his papa

Top 10 Tips To Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks

Do fireworks freak out your dog? Do they shake, drool, and cry when your neighborhood lights up with bangs and booms? It’s natural for dogs to feel afraid of loud…

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Welcome to “The Boop”

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you…

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How to Effectively Use Calming Treats for Dogs

74% of pet owners noted improvements in their mental health. The affection for an animal and the bond you develop with them is an effective way to fight against depression,…

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How to Calm a Stressed Dog

Do you have an anxious dog? Often, people who take in pets find their beloved pals having difficulty remaining calm. Studies have found that over 70% of all dogs suffer…

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Helping Out Your Furry Friend: How to Calm an Anxious Dog Naturally

It can be agonizing to watch your beloved pup showing signs of anxiety. All you want to do is make them feel better, but sometimes it seems like no matter…

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6 Reasons Why Millennial Pet Parents Choose Okoa Pet CBD Products

Okoa Pet’s hemp CBD-based supplements offer many advantages for your pet. Many millennial pet owners have already discovered the benefits and how they can impact their pets and their lives….

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Okoa’s CBD Calming Treats. The Secret to the Science Inside.

The genius behind Okoa Pet’s “Hush, Puppy” CBD calming treats for dogs is our Veterinary Science Officer, Dr. Rob Silver, aka Dr. Rob.  Dr. Rob established one of the first…

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Do Dogs Like Music? Research Says YES!

Here’s How to Use Music Therapy for Anxious Pups What do you do to lift your mood as you drag through a long, boring workday or a monotonous car ride?…

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How to Calm an Anxious Dog During a Hurricane

Hurricane season is going strong; unfortunately, that’s not good news for many pups. We don’t know precisely what storms and hurricanes trigger anxiety, but the effects are authentic: pacing, panting,…

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5 Signs That Your Dog Suffers from Anxiety

More than 48 million households in the United States are home to a pet dog. These furry friends are a lovely addition to any home. They provide companionship, protection, and…

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6 Ways Stress Wreaks Havoc on Your Dog’s Health

People suffer many health-related impacts due to stress — and your pet is no different. Your pet can feel the impact of stress and have as many adverse health effects…

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7 Ways to Ease Your Cat’s Anxiety Naturally

You’re probably familiar with “fraidy cat” or “scaredy-cat.”   Well, anxiety and fear in cats are real issues.  24% of all cats (more than 22 million) suffer from at least one…

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