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Welcome to The Boop

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog

A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you to show your pets how much you love them – by acquiring authoritative, up-to-date information to ensure they’re getting everything they need for healthy, happy lives.

The Boop logo Adorable puppy booping his papa

10 Tips To Help Your Dog Cope With Fireworks Anxiety

Do fireworks freak out your dog? Do they shake, drool, and cry when your neighborhood is lighting up with bangs and booms? It’s natural for dogs to feel afraid of…

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Welcome to “The Boop”

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you…

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Why Are So Many Dogs Afraid of Storms?

Almost 70 percent of Americans have a dog in the household. However, though the dog is a staple of the American family, not every dog behaves similarly. With the rise of social…

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Had Your Dog Since 12? Keep Your Old Dog Healthy as They Grow With You

Let’s say you’ve had your dog since you were twelve. Throughout high school and college, he or she was your companion, your confidant. You’re all grown up now, and your…

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5 Reasons to Use CBD for Your Aging Dog

Has your pup begun to show signs of aging? There are many good reasons to incorporate CBD into an aging dog’s health and wellness regimen. As pet parents, we can’t…

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How to Help Soothe your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

No More Sad Goodbyes: How to Help Soothe your Dog Who Has Separation Anxiety It’s so hard to say goodbye. Even though you know you’re going to return in just…

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Anxiety in Pets – What Pet Parents Should Know

All pets, even the most laid-back Labs and relaxed Ragdoll cats, experience anxiety from time to time. But what if your pet always seems anxious? What if normal activities, like…

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Social Anxiety in Dogs and Stranger Danger: When Your Dog Gets Anxious Around New People

You’ve seen the happy-go-lucky dog who playfully greets each new person with friendly licks and sniffs, but your furry friend cowers and hides behind your legs when meeting new people….

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How to Recognize the Signs & Symptoms of Dog Anxiety

Are you wondering if your pup is suffering from anxiety?   In this article, we highlight some of the causes and signs that your four-legged friend may be in distress….

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How Can CBD Help Calm Your Anxious Dog?

Okoa Pet’s Veterinary Science Officer, Dr. Rob Silver talks about how CBD can help calm your anxious dog. If you have a pup that freaks out at the sound of…

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Benefits of Green-Lipped Mussels for my Dog’s Joint Health

What is green-lipped mussel (GLM), and how can it help my dog? First, some background. The green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a mollusk packed full of nutrients. They are found…

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What are the Best Cat Calming Treats for Travel?

If you’re planning to take a trip any time soon with your feline friend, you are probably in search of the best cat calming treats for travel. Whether it’s a…

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