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6 Reasons Why Millennial Pet Parents Choose Okoa Pet CBD Products

Okoa Pet’s hemp CBD-based supplements offer many advantages for your pet. Many millennial pet owners have already discovered the benefits and how they can impact their pets and their lives. Look at why millennial pet owners have chosen Okoa Pet for CBD products for pets in the past — and why you may want to make that choice for your pets in the future. 

1. Okoa Pet focuses on holistic healing for pets rather than treating the symptoms without considering the side effects.

When it comes to your pet, you want a whole-body approach to wellness. You don’t want to treat one problem only to end up with dangerous side effects in another area. When we put together the formulas for our supplements, we focus on a holistic approach that considers your pet’s entire body. 

We have reviewed the side effects. We have considered the potential problems each supplement could cause. Then, we combined CBD with other evidence-based natural ingredients to help get the best possible impact for the pets using our products. We aim to provide a high-quality approach that will improve your pet’s quality of life, not leave you trying to figure out other problems or manage other side effects. 

2. We use natural ingredients, not chemical-based ones. 

When you choose a supplement for yourself, you read the label to ensure you recognize what you’re putting into your body. You want natural, trusted ingredients that will help build health and wellness, not chemically-created ones that can potentially create more side effects (especially as they build up in your body over time).

The same is true of the ingredients you choose for your pet. We know millennial pet owners want to make the right choices for what their pets consume, down to the details of every ingredient.

At Okoa Pet, we aim to create CBD products for dogs with natural, trusted ingredients. We combine our naturally-sourced CBD — from a Colorado farm with stringent quality standards — with premium ingredients known to create positive results for dogs and other animals. 

Each of the products in our line is unique. Our joint health and mobility supplements, for instance, combine hemp-derived CBD with green-lipped mussel and roe oil freshly sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand. While you can consult with your vet to learn how CBD supplements can benefit any pet, we focus on creating products formulated for specific pet needs. Our dog treats, for example, can help decrease anxiety and increase mobility. Also, our cat treats are designed to help improve your cat’s quality of life. 

3. We use our supplements on our pets.

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Millennial pet owners are part of the research generation. You want to know what products you’re putting into your pet’s body and how those products will likely impact your pet. As importantly, you want to know what results others have had from those supplements. 

We can offer the assurance that comes from knowing that we created these products for use on our own pets — and that our pets use them regularly. We know what it’s like to watch your dog suffer from anxiety. We’ve had pets who suffered during the Fourth of July celebrations or took weeks to settle after moving. We’ve watched our pets getting older, struggling with weight gain, sore joints, and decreased mobility. We created our products to help improve their quality of life. 

We want to share those products with you and other millennial pet owners. 

4. We aim to provide transparency to our clients. 

You don’t just want to know that we use our products on our own pets. You want to know exactly what’s in them, where they come from, and what they will do to your pet. 

We answer all those questions and provide all the information you need about our products. We’ve researched the recommended serving size for your pet based on their weight. We’ve looked at the potential side effects of using our products, including possible drug interactions. 

Also, we would never encourage you to use a supplement without talking to your vet first. This step is crucial if your pet is already on other medications to help treat a specific condition. Our products come from a hemp farm in Colorado with trusted quality control measures. Want to know more? Check out our FAQ page or contact us to ask any questions you have about our products. 

5. We do what we do because we care.

We care about our own pets and yours. Also, we care about the environment and the potential effects of our products and our business. That’s why we use a sustainably-grown hemp farm for our CBD products. Also, our supplements are manufactured in a GMP-certified lab in the United States. That means we meet the FDA’s terms for good manufacturing of products

We don’t just want to deliver great CBD products for dogs or other pets. We want to provide a trustworthy, reliable product that has genuine benefits. Part of that is utilizing sustainable practices and ingredients to deliver results you can trust. 

6. We back our products with significant research. 

Our team is made up of scientists and biotech engineers with a background in research. We didn’t just reach for the first options that came to mind when considering pet supplements. Instead, we’ve researched to find a high-quality solution to many ailments pets suffer from as they age. 

Our team includes a pioneer in holistic vet medicine. He custom-formulates our products based on his years of experience treating patients. We’ve researched to ensure we can offer a high-quality product that will not create unwanted side effects in most pets. That scientific research is the foundation of products you can trust for your pets, whether you’re looking for CBD products for dogs, cats, or other animals. 

We can’t diagnose or directly treat any ailment your pet may have. But we can deliver high-quality, trusted CBD-based supplements for pets that can help enhance your pet’s overall wellness and provide your pet with a higher quality of life. Please browse our products to learn more about our line of supplements and their benefits for your pet, or contact us to ask any questions about our products.