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How to Train Your Dog With Calming Treats

Are you trying to train a hyperactive dog? From energetic puppies, to set in their ways old boys, some dogs can be extremely hard to train. One innovative way to do it is with calming CBD dog treats.

If you are about to give up on training your dog, then hang on a little longer. Below, is a guide to training your pooch using calming treats for dogs.

CBD Calming Treats

A good way to calm your dog during training is with CBD treats. CBD is a cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant.  Hemp-derived CBD is sourced from industrial hemp.  Under U.S. law, a hemp plant must contain no more than 0.3% THC.   THC is the cannabinoid which produces the feeling of being high.  Marijuana plants, on the other hand, contain more than 0.3% THC. Importantly, hemp-derived CBD is safe and does not produce any psychoactive effects.

CBD sourced from hemp can have a number of positive health and wellness benefits for humans and pets alike.  Some effects include a feeling of calm and relaxation in your pet. Okoa Pet CBD calming treats combine broad-spectrum hemp with other naturally calming ingredients. They are ideal for supporting calming and relaxation during training and can also assist with travel anxiety, separation anxiety, and other changes in routine. 

CBD Joint Chews

CBD joint chews are a slightly different formula than calming treats and are specially formulated to promote healthy joints and movement. This makes them ideal for older animals, either in training or daily exercise. As well as the naturally occurring CBD extract, they also contain the extract of green lip mussels and New Zealand roe oil. 

For anyone who has adopted or been given an older dog, these are the recommended treats. Not only will they keep your dog’s joints and hips healthy, but they will also provide a great treat for your new pooch. 

Ways To Calm a Hyperactive Dog

Once you have the relevant calming treats, you need to begin training your dog. What you want to achieve coupled with the dog’s personality will decide how you should approach training. To start, we will discuss ways to calm a hyperactive dog. 

The first approach you should try when calming a hyperactive dog is good old fashioned exercise! Exercising dogs is a very precise art, as some breeds need more than others. In addition, you have to be careful not to overexercise a young dog. 

Roughly, for every month of age your dog is, you should exercise it for five minutes, twice a day. So if a dog was five months old, you would exercise it for 25 minutes, twice a day. This may increase or decrease depending on the breed, so check with a veterinarian. 

As well as running, enriching the activities a dog does will also keep your pup calm, as you are feeding your pooch mentally as well as physically. Playing tug of war with toys, playing fetch and hiking are all great methods of exercising your dog. 

Training a Dog Not to Jump

One common mistake when training a dog not to jump is ignoring the dog. Dogs do not see being ignored as you removing attention. In fact, if you are still moving and going about your business they see it as play. Instead, you must give attention to your dog immediately and reinforce the behavior you want to see. 

In this case, it means sitting patiently. Start by turning your attention to your dog, and asking him to sit. Once your pup sits, give him a reward. After this, increase the length of time you want your dog to sit for, each time commanding it to “sit”. 

If it does not sit for the length of time, do not give the dog a treat. Try this for around ten minutes, or until you feel the dog is tiring.  Come back to this every time the dog jumps up at you, even if it means spending ten minutes every time you come in the door. 

Impulse Control With Treats

Treats are great for dog training and impulse control. Now your dog can sit when asked, get them into the position and hold a treat under their nose. Slowly move the treat from their nose toward the ground.

If the dog tries to eat the treat, close your hand and move it back up so you are restarting the movement. Once it reaches the ground, open your hand and let your dog have the reward. Keep repeating this until you are able to place the treat on the ground in front of your dog without them eating it until you tell them it is safe to do so. 

Using Calming Treats for Dogs to Teach Spin

One easy trick to teach your dog is to get them to spin round at your command. All you need for this is your dog’s calming treats. To begin, start by giving them a small portion of the treat so they have a taste for the treat and want more.

With the second portion, place it close to their nose but do not let them eat it. Next, keep the treat close to your dog’s nose, move the treat in a circular motion so the dog follows. When the dog does half a spin successfully and without jumping or clawing to get the treat, then reward them.

After this, move to a full circle and give them the reward. Once the dog gets the trick, start to use the word ‘spin’ at the start. Start to add a hand motion instead of using the treat in front of the dog’s nose.

Always remember to reward them at the end. Finally, test them by saying spin, watching as they turn, and rewarding them a delicious treat. 

Up Your Dog Game

Once you have these basic tricks and behaviors down, you can move on to more complex training. All you need to do is remember to use calming treats for dogs as a reward, and soon you will have the perfect, well-behaved pooch. Soft chew calming treats are the ideal option as you can break them up into smaller pieces so you don’t exceed serving size recommendations.  

When looking for calming treats for dogs, Okoa Pet should be your first stop. We are specialists in natural treats for dogs made from broad-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD. Click here to visit our shop and reward your furry friend starting today!

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