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Tips for Helping Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Did you know that 85 million U.S. families own pets? That’s about 67% of American homes. Sixty-three million of the U.S. families that own pets have dogs. 

Are you one of the millions of dog owners in the U.S.? You might be worried about separation anxiety in dogs. 

Knowing how to help your furry family member with anxiety is vital for their health and happiness. Keep reading to learn some tips that can help. 

Common Signs of Separation Anxiety 

If you notice behavior changes in your dog, these might be signs that they’re suffering from separation anxiety. Aggression or becoming lethargic are some of the dogs’ most common anxiety symptoms. 

If you’re struggling to get your dog to eat their daily meals or if they’re having sleeping issues, they might be dealing with anxiety. 

Licking and barking are other ways your dog might manifest their anxiety. 

Leave Them Alone for Short Periods

You probably spent much extra time with your dog at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. While it’s always great to spend time with your furry best friend, going back to your regular schedule might be anxiety-inducing for them.

Start to ease your dog into spending time alone in short periods. This will help them get accustomed to spending time alone when they need to be gone longer during the day.

You can try going out to do errands for an hour or two to see how your dog adjusts. They’ll start to get used to your absence and the anxiety will fade away with time. 

Make Sure They’re Getting Plenty of Exercise

Another way to help your dog manage separation anxiety is by letting them get out all their energy before you leave. Playtime is vital for your dog’s physical and emotional health. 

Let them run around the backyard or go to the dog park and throw the frisbee back and forth. You can also go for a walk or jog around the neighborhood so you and your dog can exercise. 

After your dog’s gotten enough exercise they’ll be pretty tired. This might make them feel less anxious and allow them to sleep when you leave.  

Keep a Consistent Schedule 

A consistent schedule can help you feel more organized, disciplined, and productive. What about your pets? 

Keeping a schedule for your dog’s day-to-day activities can also help them feel better about their day. Dogs feel anxiety when they don’t know what to expect. 

You can prevent this separation anxiety by keeping the same routine for your dog, whether working at home or away from it. Make sure to take them out for their morning walk and feed them at the same time each day. 

Avoid Loud Greetings 

Greeting your dog with excited speech and lots of hugs is excellent, but it can cause them to feel more anxiety when you’re away. It might be hard, but if your dog cries as you leave or come home, you shouldn’t give in and start petting them. 

Wait until your dog has calmed down, and then pet them gently and praise them in a neutral tone. Your dog won’t feel as anxious when you don’t make a big deal about leaving the house. 

CBD Dog Treats Can Help 

CBD dog chews are an excellent option for helping your dog with separation anxiety. These treats are made with all-natural ingredients that help calm your dog.

Getting a treat before you leave shows your dog that the moment doesn’t have to cause anxiety. They’ll start to associate your leaving with snack time. Check out Okoa Pet CBD dog treats for anxiety and begin to see a difference in your dog’s behavior. 

Give Your Dog Their Own Space 

Dogs need their own space to feel like their home is their home. Leaving them in the living room with nothing to do can give your dog a lot of separation anxiety. This can cause them to start chewing on your furniture or shoes. 

Ensure your dog has a designated section of the house with their food and water bowls. Before you leave, refill their bowl with fresh water and leave some CBD dog treats for arthritis in their food bowl. These treats are delicious and can help maintain joint function. 

Don’t forget to leave your dog’s bed and blanket in another section of the house so they can feel comfortable while you’re away. 

Toys Are a Good Idea

Leaving your dog with a few of their favorite toys while you are away is the perfect way to manage separation anxiety. Dogs need mental stimulation, and boredom can make them more anxious. 

Chew toys or toys with hidden snacks can keep your dog entertained for hours at a time. They might not even notice you’re gone at all. 

Get a Dog Walker if Needed 

If you’re gone for most of the day, your dog needs someone to check on them. You can ask a friend or hire a dog walker. 

The dog walker can take your dog out for some exercise and give them food and water. Ask the dog walker if they can leave some CBD dog chews for joint support before heading out. Your dog will love these treats and help keep their joints healthy too. 

Music or TV Can Help 

If you’re worried about your dog feeling separation anxiety while you’re gone, you can leave some relaxing music playing in the background. You can also play many animal channels on TV that’ll stimulate your dog’s mind. Make sure to leave out some CBD dog chews for anxiety for added support. 

The Best Tips for Separation Anxiety in Dogs 

If you’re worried about separation anxiety in dogs, there are many things you can try to help your furry friend. At Okoa Pet we have great CBD treats that help ease your dog’s anxiety. 

Contact us with any questions you may have about our products. We’ll be happy to answer them. 

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