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Adorable puppy booping his papa

Welcome to “The Boop”

Okoa Pet’s Loving, All-Natural Pet Health Blog

A “boop” is a way for your pets to show how much they love you. Reading “The Boop” is a way for you to show your pets how much you love them – by acquiring authoritative, up-to-date information to ensure they’re getting everything they need for healthy, happy lives.

We chose “The Boop” as the name of our blog because it symbolizes the unique relationship we humans have with our pets. A boop is the kind of indescribably wonderful physical contact (nose to nose, for example) between us and our pets by which we show each other just how thankful we are to be in each other’s life. (Animals can also boop with each other, but that’s entirely up to them.) If you want to get in tune with internet pet lingo, follow the link below…a great guide for hoomans (yes, that’s a term too in the wide world of pet lingo).

When you love another living creature as much as we love our pets, it’s natural to do everything you can to keep them healthy and happy. And sure, love goes a long way toward helping your pet enjoy life to the fullest, but (with apologies to a certain ‘60s quartet) it’s not all you need.

With The Boop, you gain access to the latest knowledge sourced from scientific and research literature, as well as interviews with pet health experts, veterinarians, and pet advocates. We also share news, insights, and stories from pet parents just like you.

So, calling all pet lovers: Start a conversation. Join in a discussion. Get answers to tough questions. Settle in with your pet. Boop, then read “The Boop.” Or, if you have multiple pets, try a group boop. Even better.

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