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What Is Holistic Pet Care?

Holistic pet care sounds like a great idea. After all, people often say they’re taking a more holistic approach to their healthcare. They say they’re going to work “from the inside, out.” So, why not apply the same concept to our beloved pets?

Okay, sounds great. But what exactly does holistic care mean? And how does it extend to those that are (often) the favorite members of our family?

Together, let’s explore the intention behind holistic healthcare and see what we can do to promote happier, healthier lives to the people (ahem, animals) we love the most.  

The Whole Animal

Have you ever watched people debate about the existence of dogs’ emotions? It’s a silly debate because the answer is a resounding yes.

How else do they attach to their owners, express sadness when they’re away, and demonstrate excitement when they return home? 

When someone is exploring holistic care for their pet, they’re looking to nurture its emotional, mental, and physical well-being. You’re not just looking to put your dog on diet food because he or she is overweight. 

Rather, you’re looking at the whole animal to uncover the root cause of their obesity. Is it as simple as a lack of exercise, or is there something beneath the surface?

Being an open-minded pet parent allows you to explore your pet’s ability to be completely healed of whatever ails them. 

Overall Health and Nutrition

A lot of holistic care starts with diet and nutrition. Veterinarians who take this approach will examine your pet’s diet and exercise, supplements, overall care, and grooming. 

As with humans, a holistic approach often avoids vaccinations, immunizations, and prescription drugs unless absolutely deemed necessary. As such, pet parents may consider CBD dog treats for anxiety long before they consider Xanax (yes, dogs have their own form, too). 

Given that it’s plant-derived, CBD dog chews contain far fewer chemicals to impede your fine furry friend’s overall health and nutrition.

This is the core of holistic health; people are searching for a way to heal the whole body, not address one component while causing adverse side effects for another. 

Where Did It All Begin?

Have you ever taken your dog to the vet for recurring stomach problems? Perhaps they examined your best bud, saw there was an issue in the intestines, and simply prescribed an antibiotic. 

That works. That could remove the problem from the equation. But, a holistic approach isn’t going to hone in on a singular problem, prescribe a medication, and dismiss the animal. 

Rather, it will examine the whole animal to uncover what led up to such an upset stomach. Was it stress? In which case, that can be recurring and CBD dog chews for anxiety may be the fix.

Was it, indeed, an infection? Perhaps a natural supplement can be provided that won’t cause other side effects.

Pet owners won’t know until they speak to a medical professional, but that’s what holistic care comes down to. It searches for the root of the problem as it examines the whole animal, instead of taking a singular interest in the current issue that’s showing itself. 

In truth, traditional veterinarians and holistic care providers can work together in tandem. Holistic care is not intended to completely wipe away the need for a vet. Rather, it can implement preventative care and offer wonderful alternatives to ordinary medicine.

Forms of Holistic Care

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association continues to explore healthcare alternatives for pets. Some of their current explorations include methods we, as humans, already employ. 


This method of healing originated in China over 5,000 years ago. Anything that continues to this present age is worth a second look. Acupuncture, as you may know, is practiced by inserting small needles at various points throughout the body. 

It may relieve pain or pressure. Or, it may release vital chemicals like endorphins. This might be something worth considering in conjunction with CBD dog treats for pain. Acupuncture might relieve pain or pressure while the CBD treats can elongate the relief. 

Massage Therapy

Again, if it works for humans, there’s plenty of reason to believe it will also work for our pets. Think of the hundreds of times your dog has pawed at you to continue petting him or her. 

It feels good; it provides a positive sensation they wish could never end. If your beloved friend is suffering from muscle aches and pains, then regular massage therapy is certainly a possibility for pain relief. 

This is another opportunity to pair your pet’s routine care with CBD dog chews for pain. Again, the two can work in tandem to provide long-lasting relief which will ultimately bring their level of stress down to a happier place.

Sound Therapy

We love reading up on this form of holistic pet care. Sound therapy is another opportunity to create a soothing environment with the goal of maintaining anxiety levels.

If hyperactivity or tension is commonplace for your pet, it’s another alternative that won’t cause an ounce of harm. 

The Best Care for Your Pet

In the end, holistic pet care is the best care for your pet. It doesn’t have to exist at the exclusion of conventional veterinarian care. After all, who are you going to call with a broken limb or a need for emergency surgery? 

Still, we like to think the two can co-exist peacefully, creating a long, healthy life for your beloved pet. If you’re looking for natural supplements to tend to your pet’s ongoing anxiety or pain, then we have several healthy alternatives. 

Here at Okoa Pet, we love helping dog and pet owners who prefer natural alternatives to harsh pharmaceuticals. We pair pet families with supplements like CBD and other botanicals.

If your four-legged friend needs a natural solution for anxiety, stress, pain management, arthritis, joint health, or mobility, we’re here to help you find the solution.

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