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Real Science, Pure Love — Why Okoa Pet is Different for CBD Pet Products

You don’t trust your pet’s health to just anyone. When your pets need something more, whether it’s to enhance their overall wellness, to help soothe their anxiety, or to help relieve their discomfort from aging joints, you want a supplement you can count on. At Okoa Pet, we deliver real science and pure love with each of our CBD pet products. 

We aim to deliver not only a quality product but one you know you can trust. What makes us different? Why are our pet CBD supplement options the right choice for your pet? At Okoa, we sit at the intersection of real science and pure love: exactly the combination you want for your pet. 

1. Okoa was founded by a team of experienced biotech entrepreneurs, scientists, and executives.

All that fancy language means that we know what we’re talking about. We’ve put in the time and done the research to create a quality product that is of genuine benefit to both our pets and yours. We understand the science of hemp-derived CBD pet products. Ultimately, want to help both your pets and ours experience those incredible benefits. 

We source all-natural products, then balance them carefully to ensure that they deliver the high-quality product your pets need for health, wellness, and comfort. Our team has expertise in biotech manufacturing to help keep up with the details of our production. Also, our team maintains a rigid quality control system that helps ensure our processes maintain the highest level of quality, safety, and potency.

Consider Dr. Rob Silver, our Veterinary Science Officer. He leverages his years of experience working with patients to help custom formulate all of our products. Through this process, he pairs hemp-derived CBD with other proven ingredients to achieve optimal results for each of our CBD pet products. 

2. We are our target audience. 

Not only are we professionals, but we are also pet parents. Our pets are part of our family. If we didn’t feel comfortable giving something to our pets, we wouldn’t push it as a solution for yours. 

We’ve seen our pets struggling and wanted to help them. They’ve grown older, struggling from decreased mobility and discomfort from aging joints. Also, they’ve slowed their eating habits and struggled to get the nutrition they needed. Some of our pets have struggled with weight gain, which can contribute to all those other factors. Others have suffered from anxiety that made it difficult for them to interact with other animals and other people. 

We wanted a natural solution we could trust that would help our four-legged friends lead longer, healthier, and happier lives. 

Our supplements are designed with our pets in mind. We don’t just have an abstract understanding of pet needs, nor did we decide to break into the business because we saw a moneymaking opportunity. We’re real people with real pets that really needed these solutions we could trust. Now, we’re sharing them with you. 

3. We prefer an all-natural approach. 

You prefer an all-natural approach in your life. You’re active, moving, and engaged. You likely already read the labels on your own products. Your pets are just as important as you are. You want the same natural approach to the supplements and aids they need to live a long, active, and healthy lifestyle. 

We, too, prefer an all-natural approach. We seek to avoid harsh chemicals and pesticides. Instead, we work with a natural product that can deliver the aid your pets need to increase their natural health and well-being. 

There’s nothing hidden in our products. When you give your pet our hemp-derived CBD supplements, you can rest assured that your pet is getting exactly what the label says they’re getting. Your pet won’t experience dangerous side effects from hidden chemicals or “surprise” additives. 

4. We take a holistic approach to our supplements and CBD pet products.

You wouldn’t trust a doctor who prescribed a dangerous medication for you: one that has extreme side effects and causes more problems than it can offer solutions. Likewise, you don’t want to give your pet a supplement that will result in more discomfort or cause problems for the heart, lungs, or other internal organs. 

At Okoa, we look at your pet’s whole body and how the CBD pet products we use are likely to impact them. Our focus isn’t just on one but on whole-body wellness. We want your pet to experience greater overall health, not just trade one problem for another, so we’ll help you find the right products for your pet’s needs.

Also, we’ve put in the research to be sure that we understand all the potential impacts of the supplements we use and the substances that go into them. We offer more than hemp-derived CBD. Our products also incorporate other proven, natural ingredients to create uniquely effective supplements. We recommend, for example, that you avoid giving your pet any product with THC, as dogs, in particular, can be highly sensitive to the psychotropic effects. Our products will never make your pet high. We use a broad-spectrum blend with no THC, rather than a full-spectrum product like the ones you might choose for yourself. 

5. What we do, we do out of love. 

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At Okoa, we love our own pets and want what’s best for them. We also love all animals! We want to help rescue your pet from the effects of aging or pain. Your pet deserves to live a happy, healthy life for as long as possible. We want to help deliver exactly that! 

Do you have a dog that suffers from anxiety while traveling or has a hard time during the holidays? Holidays can be disruptive and noisy, and pets need a little help feeling calm. Do you have older animals with ongoing joint pain and other problems that are decreasing their quality of life? Is your pet gradually losing mobility and having more trouble with the activities he always loved in the past?  Your pet may need some help putting the pep back in their step.

Like you, we have seen our pets suffer from those conditions, and we want to rescue them from it. Our highly-qualified team created our CBD pet products out of love. That doesn’t just mean we’re dedicated to seeing results that we can trust. It means that we’ve put in the effort to be sure that our products will build quality of life, not harm it in any way. These are exactly the results you want for your beloved pet. Of course, you should always consult with your veterinarian before starting your pet on a new supplement. It’s particularly important to consult your vet if your pet is already on other medications. 

Finding the right supplements for your pet can be life-changing for both of you. You want your pet beside you for as long as possible. But you do not want to watch their quality of life deteriorate over time. The good news is it’s possible to achieve both goals.

Explore Our All-Natural, Vet-Formulated CBD Pet Products Today

At Okoa, we can help provide the support your pet needs for a longer, happier life. Explore our store today to learn more about our CBD pet products and how they can help your pet. You can also contact us with any questions about our products, our team, or our approach to pet wellness. 

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