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Had Your Dog Since 12? Keep Your Old Dog Healthy as They Grow With You

Let’s say you’ve had your dog since you were twelve. Throughout high school and college, he or she was your companion, your confidant. You’re all grown up now, and your…

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Benefits of Green-Lipped Mussels for my Dog’s Joint Health

What is green-lipped mussel (GLM), and how can it help my dog? First, some background. The green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a mollusk packed full of nutrients. They are found…

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What Are Some of the Causes of Joint Pain in Dogs?

Dogs as young as one year old can experience joint pain and arthritis. Unfortunately, joint pain is one of the most common ailments in dogs of all ages.  Recognizing when…

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7 Cold Weather Hazards That Could Prove Problematic for Your Furry Friend

During the cold winter months, you may already know about the potential hazards faced by people, including increased slip and fall risks. What you may not recognize, however, is the…

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How to Help Your Senior Dog’s Pain Naturally

November is Senior Pet Month. Like humans, dogs getting on in years often experience pain due to a number of causes. However, unlike humans, dogs cannot accurately communicate the pain…

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Real Science, Pure Love — Why Okoa Pet is Different for CBD Pet Products

You don’t trust your pet’s health to just anyone. When your pets need something more, whether it’s to enhance their overall wellness, to help soothe their anxiety, or to help…

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An Active Dog Is a Happy Dog: 6 Benefits of Dog Exercise

A dog’s life is full of a lot of lying around, eating, relaxing, getting belly rubs, sleeping, chewing, and pooping. After a stressful day or week of work, our dog’s…

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Try These 3 Joint Health Supplements for Your Dog

As your dog ages, you want to do whatever you can to support joint health and mobility — but where do you start? Many pet owners struggle with how to…

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Ready, Set, Go! 5 Fun Things You Can Do to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy

Joint problems and stiffness is not an uncommon issue for dogs. Many times, it is simply a part of the aging process. In younger dogs, joint issues can result from…

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